Wednesday, September 12, 2007

For Younger Women with Chronic Health Issues

I recently started reading a website that provides an online community for younger women with chronic health issues who want to be their best. The founder of, Jenni Prokopy, was diagnosed at the age of 25, with fibromyalgia. Soon after came diagnoses of asthma, anxiety, Raynaud's phenomenon and GERD. Young women coping with chronic conditions just as their adult lives are really getting started face complicated issues. Jenni's mission is to help women feel in control of their lives in spite of their health situation. While the site has compelling stories and useful advice for younger women, I think anyone can benefit from having a read.

Here are a few recent article about love and chronic illness


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Barbara. Congratulations. I have linked to mine.

Barbara Kivowitz said...

Thanks Paul. Your support and your wonderful blog are much appreciated. A link to your blog ( is on my home page.