Friday, November 16, 2007

Everybody Has to Have a Holiday List

Here's mine:



  1. Watching the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, again
  2. Eating the third piece of pumpkin pie
  3. Sloppy, wet kisses from people you only see once a year (it’s flu season, after all)
  4. Egg Nog (what’s a nog, really?)
  5. Listening to radio stations that only play Christmas music, and start on November 1
  6. Articles that tell you how to have stress-free holidays


  1. Great big hugs from people you’re happy to see, even if it’s only once a year
  2. That second piece of pumpkin pie
  3. Snow – especially while it’s still white and fluffy
  4. Reading your favorite book, again
  5. Listening to Nat King Cole sing, “The Christmas Song” as often as you like
  6. Sitting in silence and feeling part of something bigger than yourself

This list is also posted on the website But You Don't Look Sick


Andy Burnett said...

In Norway we have a tradition of embracing the Strudel Monkey. This is, typically, a small child who dresses up as a monkey.

There isn't a lot more to the tradition than that.

Now I come to think of it, perhaps that is why we love to spend most of our time watching It's a Wonderful Life.

Emily said...

i found your site through the How to cope w/pain website. i was SO glad to read your series on couples and chronic illness -- my husband and i are just learning how to make life work w/my chronic pain.
your entries about the balancing of roles and responsibilities really spoke to me -- and helped to remind me that this situation is as difficult for my husband as it is for me. i will certainly be back here to read more!

Terry at Counting Sheep said...

I love your list!

Barbara Kivowitz said...

Andy - your sense of humor is a strange and wonderful thing. Keep 'em coming.

Emily - I'm glad to meet you. I hope you'll share what you're learning about "making your life work with chronic pain." Just the way you phrased that tells me you have a lot going for you. I wish you well.

Terry - Thanks! (And you have a great blog.)

Migraine Chick said...

What a great list. I will definately have to write mine, but my embrace may include "egg nog." Not sure why I like it, but I do. The same goes for fruitcake.

I just found your site and I love it.