Saturday, December 13, 2008

Genetic Screening and Love

Would you want to know the genetic profile of the person you're falling in love with? Would you want to know before making a forever commitment if your partner to be had the genes for sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis? Would you want to be in the position of knowing the potentially defective genes you're carrying and having to decide whether to tell the person you're dating? Well genetic screenings are going on. Would you want one?

This is from The Daily Princetonian:

"What if the internet matchmaker required a blood test? Or if first dates ended with a thumb pricks instead of a kisses and classified ads included family medical histories? While none of these things have happened as far as I know, increasing emphasis has been placed on a new factor in determining compatibility of couples: genetics.

Earlier this semester the Center for Jewish Life (CJL) hosted a genetic screening. The Human Genetics Program at NYU Langone Medical Center contacted members of the CJL and worked to provide the University community with genetic carrier testing. Participants will soon find out if they are carriers for 16 different diseases.

The NYU Genetics Program website promises that screenings, which are done with a blood sample, will "identify changes in a person's chromosomes" and "ensure that your children will not suffer from these diseases." The information could impact who you date and how, if at all, you conceive a child."

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Kerry said...

I would definately skip the screening. Believe in old fashion love and taking and making the best out of what life gives one...diseases and all. Those of us who cope with illnesses everyday know that they are not only adversities, but incredible life teachers and heart connecters.

Wouldn't wish illness on my children NEVER EVER, but wouldn't want to miss having my children to avoid their having an illness. If my hubby and I had the screening and known I would have become ill and decided not to have kids, we would have missed out on the greatest joys of our lives and they would have missed out on their lives.

Also, I don't think their are many human beings walking this earth with perfect genetics. Theirs a lot of beauty in imperfection.

Barbara what a thought provoking, soul searching question...enjoyed thinking about this. Interesting stuff! Kerry