Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home Alone

Just as I was entering week two of a kick-in-the gut relapse of my pain condition, Richard needed to travel for a few business meetings. Usually he works at home and conducts business through the vast amalgam of web tools he has harnessed.

So I am hurting, alone. And he is worrying, alone.

But now, we are older and more experienced, and have lived through the darkest days of the pain, and through innumerable bursts of relapses over the past ten years.

Before he left he stocked the refrigerator with apples, and broccoli, and chicken, and Chinese take-out, and even cut up a whole watermelon into chunks. He set up videoconferencing on my laptop (his already had this capability). I made dates with friends to talk to and walk with and have me over for dinner. I upped my meds to dull the sharper edges of the pain.

Richard and I talk and text and tweet each other. It's some comfort. but it's hard on both of us to be hurting and worrying, alone.

How do you manage the daily tasks and find comfort when you and your sweetie are apart?

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