Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Day of Atonement: This One is for You, Dad

Tonight begins the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. It is the most important holiday of the year and really should be identified as a holy-day. The focus of this period is entirely on your relationship with God, the Divinity, the Spirit, and on asking forgiveness for the ways in which you let Him/Her down, and yourself. It is a time of inner contemplation. And whether you believe in a Higher Power, or in the need to ask forgiveness, it's pretty powerful to have one day to devote to thinking about who you are in connection to the Bigness that surrounds us all.

My father is in the hospital, in the ICU. He's 85. He might pull through this as he has the past five incidents that required hospitalization. But he might be at he point where the fabric is so frayed that every insertion of the needle to repair it just causes more damage.

I'll be thinking of him tonight. And of my relationship with him over the past 50 plus years. His basic goodness was the DNA for my model of the universe. I hope the universe returns him to his family. And I pray the universe carries him gently, always.

I love you, Dad


judy said...

this is beautiful,,I am not ready for him to be up there flashing morse code at me with my dad.

Patti said...

Beautiful post. I see how you cherish your father in it. Will be thinking of you. - patti

Barbara K. said...

Thanks Judy and Patti for your sympathy. Much appreciated.

roanne said...

Brought tears to my eyes. This is a moment to cherish - from someone who lost her father in childhood. You are truly lucky to have had these years with him.

Tzipporah said...

Gmar chatima tova, BK, to you and yours. Hope your dad pulls through.

Here in Oregon, we're struggling to get the sukkah finished in between rain showers.

Barbara K. said...

Thank You Roanne and Tzipporah for your presence with me during this hard time.