Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Richard's birthday this weekend. It was one of those decade birthdays that end in a zero. The immediate family consisting of brothers, in-laws, and cousins spent the weekend together in a rented house near Pt. Reyes National Seashore, about an hour and a half north of San Francisco.

The house was a rustic palace with multi-tiered terraces and giant windows overlooking the beautiful nothingness of sky, clouds, trees, and marshland. The wood stove kept us warm and we all pooled our culinary talents and kept ourselves very well fed. On Saturday Richard and I did a 10 mile hike through oceans of spring wildflowers. We couldn't take a step without stomping on some buttercups or wild irises.

For me, the greatest joy was that I could give Richard a pure gift of this glorious weekend, during which he could be the center, not my illness or my health.

Happy birthday sweetie!

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