Sunday, January 15, 2012

Does Lisa Swayze (wife of actor Patrick Swayze) Have Super Powers?

Lisa Niemi Swayze has written a book about her experiences loving and losing her husband Patrick Swayze after a 21 month battle with pancreatic cancer. The book is titled: Worth Fighting For.

One review I read said:
"...The memoir reveals just how much one woman can change, when forced to confront the horrors of illness and the inevitability of those final moments. We witness the transformation of Lisa from a terrified creature who begs her just-diagnosed husband ‘Please don’t make me do this’, to the superwoman who refuses to give in, confronts every grim aspect of his nursing care and brings him home to die..."

They were two exceptional and normal people, as we all are, who loved each other and did the best they could. I confess I find it unfair to Lisa, and to the rest of us, to characterize her as a "superwoman." This makes it seem that her efforts came from some special source of rare super power she has access to, as opposed to the power that naturally derives from love and empathy - and that she is in a different class of being than the rest of us who live in the realm of illness with our partner.

What do you think?


cinderkeys said...

Agreed. When people call caregivers things like "saint" and "superwoman," I think they do it out of some unconscious hope that only saints and superwomen can handle such calamities. Normal people such as themselves won't have to deal with a loved one's illness or death.

Danmark said...

Patrick is very inspirational someone to look up to. I have been a fan for a very long time. I also think that he and Lisa were so lucky to have found each other. You don't find that kind of commitment very often these days.