Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Recommendation: In the Kingdom of the Sick by Laurie Edwards

I think you will get a lot from reading Laurie's book -- as I did.  Here's a quote about the book:

"...People with chronic illness owe much to advances in medical technology, but they also are aware both of the limits of science and of society's throwback belief--subtle or blatant--that people who are sick have weaker character than those who are well. Through research and patient narratives, Edwards looks at the origins of these attitudes, and from the advent of modern vaccinations through present day, she traces the experience of being a patient with chronic illness through such cultural influences as the disability rights movement, the women's health movement, and the rise of the Internet and health 2.0 technologies..."

Critics call In the Kingdom of the Sick "surprising, revealing, and beautifully written," and a "probing, clear-thinking examination of the new medical crisis on our hands: chronic illness."

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