Monday, February 3, 2014

How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday When You Feel Awful?

My birthday is tomorrow, and I have been having ripples of pain for weeks.  I wanted to be above the pain line for my birthday.  I wanted to just have a great day.  Go to the museum, a movie, out to dinner.  Whatever - but without pain.

Is it possible to have a great birthday when your symptoms tag along with you?

I guess if I stop looking outward at activities and start looking inward at those things that have immeasurable value, regardless of  symptoms, I stand a better chance of appreciating the day.  And as long as Richard is by my side, I know I am loved.

But damn it!  I just plain feel like whining.  At least for a little while.

On the other hand, we do have a few more episodes of Breaking Bad to watch.  The exhibit at the local museum is about the changing meaning of "pink" in art and fashion.  Sounds like a yawner.

So Breaking Bad and take-out Chinese food.  And Richard.

Starting to sound like an OK day.

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Julie said...

You deserve to whine. I completely missed out on my birthday last year (Dec. 11). Just as I was getting dressed to start the day by meeting friends for lunch/ coffee. I did something that launched me into 2 months of pain in my back and shoulder. It hurt so bad I couldn't get out of the bedroom and had to call my husband to come home. I pretty much spent the day knocked out on pain meds. After a week I gave up on the idea of "making it up" and just let it go. Next year will be better.