Friday, July 25, 2014

Interview on Chronic Marriage

Interview with, Barbara Kivowitz, by Helena of Chronic Marriage blog.

From Helena's post:

"What are my personal “nuggets of gold” from reading In Sickness As In Health?  Here are just a few:

1)  Illness can be a gateway and not an epilogue; and that, even in the absence of a cure, healing is possible.
2)  You can end up holding so tightly to the old image that in order to sustain the illusion you reject the reality of the illness and in so doing, reject your partner.
3)  Illness compresses time and summons mortality and can help us filter out the trivial.  We can attend to what is truly important with intention and can live each moment potentially feeling more alive with illness than the deadness of life before illness.
4)  Revealing secret hopes and fears does not make you more vulnerable, but rather builds a strong bridge to your most powerful ally, your partner.  Speaking the unspeakable makes both of you stronger.
5)  Love each other, support each other, and don’t leave each other alone in the dark."

Thank you Helena.  I look forward to reading all your insightful posts.

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