Monday, January 12, 2015

Help for Someone Drowning

I received the comment below on my blog posts entitled:
Caregivers and Suicide.   The author is drowning in her efforts to care for her two seriously ill parents; and this is taking a toll on her relationship with her partner.

My guess is that many of you can relate to her situation -- whether you are caring for parents or a partner -- the experience of losing yourself and your lifeline is a familiar one.

Do you have any stories about your own experiences and thoughts about how to cope you can share with Anonymous and with all of us?

Here is Anonymous' comment:
Anonymous said...
I can relate. I have become physically ill from caretaking. Parents in 80's .mom beginning of dementia. Dad is 88 and barely going. We are at a breaking point. I cannot afford nurses, she chased any we had because she was so combative. She is combative to me. She now took several heart attacks and may become bed ridden. If I lose my job, we will lose our house. My fiancé is at the end if his rope. Our relationship is in trouble. I can't afford for them to wipe us our financially but she needs residential skilled care. I am physically becoming a fatal stroke case and I need help badly.

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