Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just Got Back From Vacation

In the pre-vacation post, I wrote about how ready I felt to live, and deal with pain ripples (should they happen while we were traveling), rather than sit as still as I could and be on the lookout for pain and prepare for its punch.

Happy to report that while on vacation, I focused mostly on being on vacation.  That meant - walking, watching, eating, talking, and sleeping.  I felt too happily busy to be preoccupied with pain.  And when I did feel pinches and ripples and even waves, I dipped into my toolkit of meditation and meds, and kept on walking.

I can't tell you how different this was, how normal this felt, how vaguely familiar to my pre-pain life.

While we were on the road, I was contacted by a television producer who does a show about couples and was preparing a segment on couples and illness.  She found me through this blog, and Richard and I were interviewed for her show, which is called Love Talk Show.

Here is the show entitled In Sickness And In Health.  If you just want to see the segment with Richard and me (preceded by an ad, which you can skip), click on the link below (it ends at 26:00 minutes)

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