Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do You Feel Like You Have Contact With Your Partner Even After He/She Has Passed?

I realize for many this is a woo-woo topic.

But today I had a conversation with the man who was cutting my hair, and we found ourselves discussing this topic. He had lost a partner to cancer several years ago. For months after the death, he experienced what he believed were connections with his deceased partner.

They had decided years ago to put a gate on the fence that enclosed their yard. The gate had a key, and they frequently joked about how they were destined to lose the key. Not surprisingly, one day the key disappeared, not to be found anywhere. Then after the partner died, and after every inch of the house had been searched for the missing key, guess what? One evening when my hairdresser came home from work, there was the gate key, lying smack in the center of the living room rug -- obvious to anyone who entered the room.

Other people I know have reported the favorite books of the deceased partner suddenly found on the kitchen table or on the floor in the middle of the garage. Others have told stories of electric appliances going on and shutting off without this-worldly intervention. And others have spoken about electric lights flashing in patterns during the dinner hour or when a favorite TV show is on.

This is more than feeling an ongoing connection or having the partner live on in memory. I think many of us recognize that experience.

But have any of you had what might be called extra-sensory experiences or physical manifestations of your deceased partner's presence. Like I said at the beginning, this is a topic way over the line of comfort for many, a topic that extends into the twilight zone... but I do wonder and would like to know.....


FridaWrites said...

Not for a partner, but from others who have passed on, mostly people, but I heard the jangles of our deceased dog's collar and heard him come downstairs once. And other strange occurrences. I do get premonitions that come true and have learned *never* to ignore that, especially when it's very strong. I have a mix of skepticism and belief.

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