Monday, January 4, 2010

What is Your New Year's Resolution to Your Partner?

This time of year talk shows and articles are full of discussions about New Year's resolutions. They tend to be pledges one makes to oneself about oneself. Pledge such as:
  • exercise more
  • eat healthier foods
  • give up smoking
  • be more assertive
  • start a blog
  • live a more green lifestyle
  • etc., etc.

But what resolutions do you want to make to your partner, about your relationship? These are the harder ones to reveal and to keep. They involve exposing deeper, more emotional frailties and making commitments out loud to another person.

Would you resolve to:
  • Listen with an open heart
  • Accept your partner's invisible pains as real and not as malingering
  • Appreciate (out loud) all the caretaking your partner does for you
  • Find more ways to play and have fun together
  • Instead of shrinking into your shell, reach out and tell your partner what's bothering you
  • Just hold each other more
  • What would you add to this list?

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Jen said...

To give my partner the respect of letting him know when I have a problem, and assuming that even if he's ill or having a very bad day, he still wants to be involved in my feelings and problems. In other words, to assume that he is an adult, full partner in our relationship even with his health issues.