Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grands Rounds is Up

at Colorado Heath Insurance Insider - a collection of the week's health care blog posts. Have a look.

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anthonyzarola said...

Fifty years ago I met the girl I knew I would never have ..

Three years ago, after our failed marriages, we met online through a high school reunion website.

A year later, I drove cross-country from Ohio to San Diego, our home town, and I fell in love with this lovely woman, with the same loving heart that she had as a young girl.

A year after we reunited, she became ill with MDS, a blood cancer with no known cure.

I have made an ass of myself wanting a closer relationship, pushing marriage, and being in denial about the reality of her cancer, and how it has affected her desires, hopes, dreams...her life.

She has patiently endured my immature attempts to get her to be more outgoing and open in our relationship, not fully understanding her fragility....

Her love and patient wisdom has strengthened us both, and we are happy huggers, still loving that wonderful and romantic kiss...

She faces stemcell transplant in a few months now. ..and we are able to share fears, hopes, mistakes, and live, with forgiveness and trust as the foundation of our love.

From this tragedy, a real bond of high value has been born.
Our words are simpler, fewer, and of greater value than before.

Are things are possible, with love.