Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why Did I Change the Name of This Blog?

This blog is renamed:  In Sickness As In Health: helping couples cope with the complexities of illness because that is the name of our book, which will be published in January 2013.  I decided to make the blog and book names match.  In addition, the book website, not so coincidentally has the same name.

This blog will remain a place for in depth conversation and analysis of the complexities of how illness affects the couple relationship and how couples can cope with the strains and changes illness delivers.  The book website is a place to learn more about our book.

Here is a brief description of the book:

For the past several years my co-author (Roanne Weisman) and I have been working on our book, IN SICKNESS AS IN HEALTH: Helping Couples Cope With The Complexities Of Illness.

We interviewed couples living with illness and experts from many fields -- psychology, theology, hospice, medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, government, the military, and law.  We met couples (and individuals) who became even stronger because of the lessons illness taught them. And we met couples for whom illness revealed the chinks regular daily life had been masking, and many were then able to repair them.

Our couples and experts have profound and practical guidance for readers who want to deepen their primary relationship and better manage adversity.  They not only offer advice about topics such as communication and coping, but also on practical matters such as managing the health care system and getting your legal affairs in order.  Their amazing stories and insights have value for those who are currently dealing with illness, and also for those who have good health but want to be more proactive in building a better relationship before any illness might hit.

Writing this book has been a profound and humbling and enlightening experience.  We wrote it because we both lived the experience of having a severe health condition disrupt the patterns and expectations of our primary relationships.   We and our partners were whiplashed by the fear and uncertainty and pain illness inserted into our lives.  And there were no resources available to help us learn how to be cope, together.  

We hope that listening to the voices of other couples dealing with illness and experts who help them will offer you useful guidance and a sense that you are not alone.

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I hope to learn from your book tactics to help my husband and I cope with my illness issues. Thank you for publishing and doing the hard work of bringing it all together.